Company Information We, Bookuk Precision Co.,Ltd., started business in order to bring up the machine industry which is the footstone of the national key industry and economy and now, we target the overseas markets through the steady research and development.
We mainly produces the automatic precise bench lathe, automatic hydraulic lathe(PRO-CON) and educational measure controlling lathe(CNC), and expands the manufacturing field to the automatic machine tools such as the inner/outer diameter cutter, screw cutter, drill/tam processor, oil-press, pneumatic machine and waste-water disposal equipment and machines with the advanced techniques.

Company History01

80. 6. 1

Established Bookuk Precision (# 474-8,Dapsipri 3-dong,Dongdaemungu, Seoul)


Approved ' Small and Medium Industry Modernization Planning' by Small and Medium Industries Promotion Corporation.

86. 4

 Moved to the new building (Ground: 1500(pyong), Floor Space: 500 (pyong))

86. 5. 3

Incorporated Bookuk Precision Co.,Ltd. (Capital: Fifty million (won))

87. 3.25

Established the Environmental Department.

87. 8

Increased the capital of 0.1 billion won. (Total capital: 150 million won)

87. 9

Participated in the Korean Machinery Exhibition. (PRO-CON M/C)

87. 9.11

Won the prize of Minister of Commerce and Industry. ( No. the 2300th )

88. 9. 9

Selected as a Promising Small and Medium Industry. (issued by Bank of Small and Medium Industries , No. the 88014th)


Increased the capital of 80 million won (Total capital:230 million won)

89. 2.17

Joined the Korea Machine Industry Promotion.

89. 3.15

Won the prize issued by Prime Minister (No. the50312th)

89. 6.20

Applied for a utility model (No. the 40545th)


Applied for a utility model (No. the 43888th)

90. 2

Educational measure controlling lathe (CNC);
Applied for the invention patent (No. the 3132nd)
Applied for the utility model patent (No. the 4612th)
Applied for the design patent (No. the 5999th)

90. 6.27

Acquired the invention patent (No. the 33960th)

90. 8

Increased the capital of 80 million won(total capital:310 million won)

91. 2

Hydraulic Turret Lathe (BK-35HT);
Applied for the utility model patent (No. the 11871st)
Applied for the design patent (No. the 10162nd)

92. 8

Computerized the office for the OA and F.A

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